IB Schools on Autopilot

Nucleus {IB} is an upcoming Web and Mobile based app specifically designed for the IB World Schools to automate the management tasks, curriculum planning, assessments and reports and to track students assignments and attendance easily.

We are here for the IB World Schools

We are an experienced team associated with an IB School for over five years and we believe that a lot can be done for the IB Curriculum Delivery and Automation.

We have a prior experience of working with an IB School for developing a web based application which we believe can be taken a step further and can be made available for all the IB Schools at an affordable price. With our new software, we intend to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and students, thereby providing a common platform to all the stakeholders involved.

Simplified Software Solution Designed to aid coordination and team work

Nucleus {IB} is a simplified software built keeping IB World Schools in mind. The software enables all the stakeholders of the school to collabrate effectively for just about anything. Though user friendly, it provides necessary security for the data without compromising on the design quality, functionality or performance.

With an improved editing experience, drag and drop navigation re-structuring, impressive photo display, on demand tooltips, advanced help, ability to save your work as draft, and integration with Google and other online tools and more, you'll have everything you need to drag, drop, edit and manage your data with.


We have a rich set of features designed for IB Schools

We believe that every school follows a different pattern for curriculum planning and delivery.
It's our continuous endeavour to upgrade the software with latest features and provide necessary customization.



Easily glide through the tenuous admission process with our tailor made admission module. Design your admission forms or pick one from our pre-built templates.


Survey and Forms

Get an insight from parents and students through our powerful data driven survey tool. Track who participated in the surveys and get accurate analytics.



Attendance is an integrated part of Nucleus {IB} and requires no extra payment for this feature. This feature is supported with many pre-built reports. Nevertheless, it can be customized as per your requisites.


Integrated Assessment and Reporting

We offer a wide range of practical resources to support the assessment planning process. Moreover, we have designed it in a way that you can collaborate with other staff members to come up with the best.


Strategy Solutions

With our Strategy Builder, address your "what" and "why" into curriculum planning and know "how" to implement them. Share everything you create with our easy to share interface.


Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio is goal-oriented module built with our in-depth research on IB Learner Profile. Access just about every piece of data related to a particular student here.

Many more features...

Setting up goals and evaluating the same is an added feature of our software. We have personalised goals, observations and reflections for all the staff members and students. There is a secured hierarchical access structure available for access.

PYP Features

Features to enhance your PYP experience


Unit Planner

Synergise with your colleague to create or edit units with our easy to use Unit Planner. Glide step by step to experience an unparalleled experience of Automated Unit Planning.


Automated Programme of Inquiry

We provide an automated approach to design the Programme of Inquiry. Build them around transdisciplinary themes, and easily display unit titles, central ideas, lines of inquiry, subject focus and unit authors. Store stand-alone units and track coverage of concepts and skills. Let parents have a direct access to your Programme of Inquiry.


PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition allows students to collaboratively work on the TDT and to reflect their understanding about the subjects taught to them during their whole PYP program. We provide a platform where teachers can mentor the students, as well as assess their understanding with our easy to manage PYP exhibition feature.


Student Diary

Student can have general/academic or any confidential communication with any one teacher or multiple teachers at one go.


Parents Daily Diary

A simple and an easy way to maintain a three-way communication between you, your child and their teacher, thereby helping your child achieve their full potential.



An easy way to generate report cards efficiently and share them with parents online. The reports are generated using customisable assessment criteria and includes evaluation of transdisciplinary skills, attitudes and learning outcomes.

MYP Features

Features to enhance your MYP experience


Syllabus Planning

Create, edit and share lesson plans (units) across year levels and subjects. Link them to the summative & formative assessment tasks. Export your unit planners directly to the MYP ‘Upcoming Chapter’ PDF.


Inclusive Assessment Criteria

Assess summative tasks using our in-built MYP achievement levels & criterion descriptors. If needed criterion descriptors can be customized.


My Activity for Service

Get progress reports of students for their service activities. The mentors for the tasks can instantly generate students’ report using Activity for Service PDF.


Schedule and follow-up Personal Projects

Glimpse through and approve students’ individual projects. Skim through their journals, schedule deadlines, and set student reminders.


Assessment Feedback

Go paperless with Assessment Feedback where in the teachers provide an effective evaluation on the assessments conducted with personalized criterion descriptors.


Curriculum Mapping & Data

Using the whole-school curriculum map easily complete vertical and horizontal planning and export to PDF or Excel. Evaluate concepts and skills, and effectively record coverage of recommended minimum assessment tasks.

DP Features

Features to enhance your DP experience


CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service

Effectively manage the CAS programme from A to Z, tracking student progress, simultaneously sending him reminders for the deadline.


IB Exam Registration at your fingertips

Let us ease your task to manual data entry. Put forward your authorized subjects and levels, and simply ask the students to fill in exam information directly. After inspecting student plans, register all candidates to IBIS with one-click.


DP Unit Plans

Plan your curriculum collaboratively online using the DP unit planners. Select from built-in syllabus topics and frame questions of inquiry. Easily review your whole-school curriculum by browsing across subjects and ensure the coverage of ATL skills.


Meeting the IB Deadlines

We help you organize your master academic calendar in a way that you never miss any key IB deadlines. Keep students, teachers and parents updated with important deadlines through automated reminders.Collect and review the coursework.



Eliminate paperwork and record investigations online. Collect, review, and mark reports from students, and export information directly to the official IA forms with one-click.


About Us


Welcome to Nucleus {IB}

We build high performance systems to help the world’s premier schools implement, deliver and manage their IB programmes effortlessly. We are an IT technology firm specialized in software practices to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness of an Organization.

Nucleus {IB} is a brainchild of passionate technopreneurs having vast experience in managing, designing and delivering large scale project solutions with prime focus on accomplishing goals.